HDPE Pipes FittingsHDPE Pipes FittingsHDPE Pipes Fittings
HDPE Pipes FittingsHDPE Pipes FittingsHDPE Pipes Fittings

HDPE Pipes Fittings

1. Size: DN16mm-1200mm (Can be customized)

2. SDR: SDR7.4, SDR9, SDR11, SDR13.6, SDR17, SDR21, SDR26, SDR33, SDR41

3. Material: PE80, PE100

4. Standards: ISO4427, AS/NZS4130, BSEN 12201

5. Certificates: ISO9001, ISO14001, CE

6. Pipe Life Span: 70 Years



Puhui Industry have offered high quality HDPE pipes & fittings and excellent services to complement growing demands in more than 960 cities and 50 fields with a broad rang of smart, efficient comprehensive solutions and technical supports for more than 30 years.

HDPE pipes fittings are mainly used in municipal water supply and drainage systems, water treatment pipeline systems, industrial applications involving corrosive media, agricultural irrigation systems, Special gas compression fittings (yellow) are also available for natural gas systems.

Brief Details:

Product Name

HDPE Pipe Fittings

Sizes Available

DN 16mm - 2000mm


SDR7.4, SDR9, SDR11, SDR13.6, SDR17, SDR21, SDR26, SDR33, SDR41


PE80, PE100

Connection Type

Socket, melt socket, hot docking, electrofusion, thread connection, flange joint, etc.

Executive Standard

ISO4427, AS/NZS4130, BS EN 12201

Colors Available

Black color as per request.


Yes, sample available for small quantity needs.

Packing Method

Packing in cartons.

Production Lead Time

Depending on the order quantity.

Normally about 5 days for 20ft container, 10 days for a 40ft container.


ISO9001, ISO14001, CE

Supply Ability

150000 Ton/Year

Payment Method

T/T, L/C at sight

Trading Method


Pipe fittings  Life Span

70 Years

PE pipe is manufactured in sizes ranging from 16mm to 2000mm and can be jointed using a variety of techniques and fittings systems.

Puhui Industry carries a huge selection of polyethylene pipes and fittings.  Polyethylene(HDPE) pipe and fittings are for industrial applications involving corrosive media. We offer both threaded and mechanically joined fittings.


PE Fittings

Compression fittings are mechanical accessories that can be quickly and simply installed in many applications and can be easily dismantled.

Special gas compression fittings (yellow) are also available for mesh systems.

There are also a range of threaded fittings for mechanically tapped saddles for metric and PE pipes as well as valves for a variety of applications.Puhui's patented fusion joint system is the world's leading, consisting of 16mm to 2000mm joints. The range includes couplers, elbows, tees, transition fittings and tapped saddles.


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Puhui also offers a range of bushing fittings for butt fusion or electrofusion applications. Connector fittings series can provide flanges, tees, elbows, elbows and reducers, sizes from 20mm to 2000mm, depending on the fitting design.

Puhui also offers Fusion Tools, pipe scrapers, clamps and many other accessories for welding connections.

Note: Special specifications can be customized. Please contact us for further products info and price. 
Please send your requirements to the e-mail: info@phpipes.com  ( We will reply you in 24 hours. )


PE pipe connection methods

Polyethylene pipes and pipes, pipes and PE pipes, pipes and fittings, and connection between polyethylene pipes and metal pipes, there are many different connection methods with their own advantages and limitations, User can select the appropriate connection methods, depending on the diameter of the pipes, working pressures, places of using, etc. The most common connection methods for polyethylene pipes in urban water supply are: hot-melt connection, fused connection, socket-type flexible connection, flange connection, and steel-plastic transition joint connection.

Connecting methods:

1. Hot -melt connection: Melt PE pipes through special heating tool. Remove heating tools, press the two melting end faces together and keep this pressure until it cools down. Hot -melt connection includes butt fusion, socket fusion, and hot-melt saddle connection.

2. Electrofusion: this connection uses special fittings with electric resistance wire inside that sticks with PE pipes or fittings. PE pipes  heat and fuse through the embedded resistance wire. Cools down naturally. The fusion connection is divided into socket fusion and  saddle fusion.

3. Flexible socket connection: The socket connection is a new method, based on the principle of socket connection of cast iron pipes and polyvinyl chloride pipes (PVC-U). It uses special socket, that inserts PE pipes directly into other pipes or fittings, then compress the anti-pulling or seal the rubber sealing ring to connect them.

4. Flange connection: flange is composed of PE flange connection, steel or aluminum loose flange, gasket or seal ring, bolt, nut, and so on. Flange connection is achieved by tightening the bolts and nuts.

 5. steel plastic transition joint connection: The steel-plastic transition joints connection uses a steel-plastic transition joint prepared by cold pressing or other methods to connect the polyethylene pipes and metal pipe. Steel-plastic transition joints have anti-pull locking rings and seal rings, which usually require good sealing performance and resistance to pull-out, and the pressure resistance are required to be better than the polyethylene pipes in the system.

Above are all connection methods of PE pipes. It should be noted that it is forbidden to make pipe threads directly on PE pipes and pipe fittings. It is forbidden to use open fire to bake polyethylene pipes and pipe fittings to connect directly.

Today, the connection technology of polyethylene pipes has been very mature and reliable. 


These pipes offer superior flow characteristics while retaining their lightweight and flexible properties.

1. Healthy and non-toxic, bacteriological neutral

2. Resistant to high temperature, good impact strength

3. Excellent heat-insulation property from minimum thermal conductivity

4. Light weight, convenient to transport and handle, good for labor-saving

5. Smooth inner walls reduce pressure loss and increase flow speed

6. Light colors and excellent design ensure suitability for both exposed and hidden installation

7. Recyclable, environment-friendly, accords with GB/T standards



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