The role of PE water supply pipe in the construction of urban pipe network

June 20, 2018

In recent years, with the gradual improvement of most urban development and construction, the underground PE water supply pipe in the city has also made significant progress. Now the city underground integrated pipeline network has occupied an absolute position in the future urban construction. In order to take full advantage of the functions of the integrated pipe gallery, the design of the node is indispensable in the construction. It can not only increase the utilization rate of the underground pipelines in the city, but also implement the rational use of various pipelines, and also provide the very favorable information and guarantees for development of the integrated pipe gallery.

In the past, cities used single-built burial methods to handle the construction of underground pipelines in various public places. However, there are many problems with this old-style pipeline construction method. It not only occupies a large area of urban ground,and forms the status of multiple excavation and construction of urban roads, and it also has a huge impact on road traffic. The formation of an integrated urban corridor can solve the above problems very effectively. Currently, there are three basic forms of integrated pipeline technology: trunk pipeline corridors, branch pipeline corridors, and cable corridors. In the urban construction process, trunk corridors are generally used.

The overall pipeline corridor is a space for rational use of the underground space. With the contradiction between resources, population, social and environmental development, it is necessary to achieve stable development. The significance of building a comprehensive pipeline is even more significant. The PE water supply pipe is an indispensable part of the infrastructure construction. How to make the PE water supply pipe “use its best” is the most important issue we should consider now.

PE water supply pipe in the construction of urban pipe network

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